2014 Design Trends for Twin Cities Residents

February 14th, 2014

It’s a brand-new year, and designers are already starting to discuss what the hottest new 2014 design trends will be. While each designer seems to have his or her own idea of what’s going to be big this year, they all seem to agree on a few key 2014 design trends. We here at Hopkins Carpet One love to keep an eye on the current trends so we can offer our customers the most fashionable and contemporary flooring options.

The first thing these designers seem to agree on is blue is definitely “in” this year. It’s a chic color that can easily be matched to different colors and a variety of styles.

Also, these designers seem to think that bold and dramatic colors will be one of the 2014 design trends. These colors will add some drama and mystery to homes throughout the country. However, the best part about dramatic colors is they are also easily matched to other colors and styles. And if you use black and white, they can actually do the opposite and soften a room’s décor.

Another one of the best 2014 design trends we’re seeing is a more traditional look and feel to home décor. People are starting to get back into the vintage look, almost as if they are nostalgic for a bygone era. It’s easy to pair flooring or carpeting options with a more retro or vintage look and feel. If you are the kind of person who likes a more unique or eccentric look to your home’s décor, this is definitely one of the best 2014 design trends for you!

So no matter which one of the 2014 design trends you like best, Hopkins Carpet One can help you choose the best flooring option to match the style. From carpeting to laminate flooring to hardwood and luxury vinyl, we’ve got the floors that will fit your unique taste and personality! Call us today at 952-933-8944 or contact us online!