Benefits of a Local Flooring Store vs. a Big Box Store

Published: November 16th, 2018 | Updated: September 20th, 2019

When shopping for new flooring or any home improvement item, where do you tend to go first? Some people will go to the nearest big box store while others will check out more local, specialized stores. Each option has its pros and cons. We want to discuss the benefits of shopping locally.

When you visit a local flooring store like Hopkins Carpet One, you’ll be dealing with employees who only sell flooring. It’s all we do. We are experts on flooring and all it entails. We are familiar with the various manufacturers we sell as well as installation processes. At a big box store, they sell numerous products. They may still have some flooring experts or people knowledgeable on the flooring products they sell, but they won’t have the level of expertise that a local store will have that deals only with flooring day in and day out.

Personalized Service

When you visit a local store, you likely see the same people each time. Local stores have a smaller number of staff who typically stay employed with the store longer. This means you can get to know the employees. If you go to look at samples one day and go back a week later with additional questions, you can often visit with the same person. Whereas at a bigger box store, you’ll likely not be able to get service from the same person twice. When you get to know the employees at a smaller store, they also get to know you. This provides more personalized service and an increased desire for the employees to meet each customers’ needs.

Quality Installation
Local Flooring InstallerIf you choose to have your flooring installed by the place where you purchased it, you’ll also notice a difference between a local versus big box stores. With a local store, they will typically have their own professional installation team. They will be properly trained and experienced at installing the carpet or flooring and will want to see the customer satisfied with their job.

At a big box store, on the other hand, quality is most likely not their highest priority. Their installers may or may not be working by the hour and rushing to get to more jobs that are lined up, or they may not even work for the store. They may be hired by the store to complete the installation, making them even less likely to care about quality work.

One of the biggest differences between a big box store and a local retailer is the level of relationship you establish. As mentioned before, when you visit a big box store, most likely you see different people each time. Whereas at a local store, you can get to know the employees and become familiar with everyone who works there. This builds a relationship between the store employees and customers. With relationship comes the desire to please your customer and provide the best quality services you can.

Local stores provide a relationship beyond the purchase. Once your flooring is installed, you can go back to the store and visit with them about any warranty issues or problems that may arise. You’ll also know who you can turn to for your next flooring purchase. Local stores have a reputation to uphold. They will be much more likely to work with you through any issues versus a big box store that basically forgets about you after the purchase.

Hopkins Carpet One
Although Carpet One is a nationally recognized name, each store is independently owned and operated. So, you are getting local service at any of our more than 1,000 stores. We are a cooperative, which means we can work together to gain buying power and scale, which results in lower prices for our customers. However, each store is independently managed and dependent on their own success.

When you choose to purchase your flooring from Hopkins Carpet One, you can be assured that you’ll receive expert advice, personalized service, quality installation and a relationship that goes beyond the purchase. If you are looking for a better way to buy flooring, visit our showroom or give us a call at 952-933-8944.