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Hopkins Carpet One Blog

  • Floor Replacement: What is involved in installation?

    Carpeting June 24th, 2013 Hopkins Carpet One

    Are you getting new carpet, hardwood flooring, luxury vinyl or laminate flooring? Congratulations on your investment! The Hopkins Carpet One team is sure you’ll enjoy your new flooring. We know that for all of our clients, including those in Hopkins, Eden Prairie and Minnetonka, floor… Read more »

  • Happy Retirement, Rod!

    Press October 10th, 2019 Hopkins Carpet One

    Life, as we know it at Hopkins Carpet One, has changed forever without the wit and wisdom of Rodney Wedlund. We want to thank him for over 30 years of devoted work! Hopkins Carpet One began its life as Cheap Carpet in June 1980, when… Read more »

  • Choosing the Right Carpeting for your Eden Prairie MN Home

    Carpeting May 24th, 2013 Hopkins Carpet One

    Adding carpeting to your home can be an exciting process. Its comfort and durability is unmatched. There are many different color and style options, making carpeting the perfect choice for any household. For those living in Eden Prairie, carpeting is an excellent choice for homeowners… Read more »

  • Orono Bedroom Flooring Options: Hardwood vs. Carpeting

    Carpeting May 10th, 2013 Hopkins Carpet One

    Are you thinking about making a flooring change in your bedrooms? At Hopkins Carpet One, we have many options for your bedroom flooring. As Orono flooring experts, we’ll explore the options of hardwood and carpeting. Carpeting Reduces Sound: Carpeting as flooring will help reduce ambient… Read more »

  • Hardwood Floors Give Orono Homes Decades of Service with Minor Maintenance

    Hardwood Flooring November 27th, 2019 Hopkins Carpet One

    There’s nothing like hardwood floors to give an Orono home a touch of elegance, and with proper care, they will still look great after decades of service. Maintaining the hardwood floors in your Orono home is really quite easy. Here are a few care tips… Read more »

  • Carpeting Fiber Choices in Eden Prairie

    Carpeting April 18th, 2013 Hopkins Carpet One

    Are you looking into carpeting your home? There are many decisions to be made before installation day. You have to choose everything from color to weight to texture. In this blog, we’re going to highlight the different types of carpeting fiber choices. All of them… Read more »

  • Benefits of Laminate Flooring in Hopkins, MN

    Laminate Flooring April 15th, 2013 Hopkins Carpet One

    Are you looking for a beautiful and low maintenance flooring option for your home in Hopkins? Laminate flooring can be just that and more. One of the biggest benefits in choosing a laminate flooring option is it can be installed in a “click”-type floating format…. Read more »

  • Caring for Your Vinyl Floors in Orono MN

    Vinyl Flooring April 15th, 2013 Hopkins Carpet One

    Regular Maintenance While you may have some unique circumstances in Orono that require deeper cleansing, regular cleaning can go a long way in maintaining your vinyl floor. You should never use harsh chemicals to clean vinyl. Using a simple mixture of water and ammonia or… Read more »

  • Royalty and Camelot Carpeting Now Available at Hopkins Carpet One

    Carpeting November 27th, 2019 Hopkins Carpet One

    UPDATE: This article is regarding a manufacturer that is no longer in business. Hopkins Carpet One does not carry their products anymore, however the lines of carpet we do carry are always growing. Please feel free to browse our other carpet manufacturers by clicking here…. Read more »

  • Caring for Hardwood Flooring

    Hardwood Flooring January 16th, 2013 Hopkins Carpet One

    Your hardwood floors will only look as good as you care for them. And giving them the proper care they require can be troublesome with family and pets walking over them. But by preserving their natural beauty, you’ll keep your home looking great while taking… Read more »

  • Carpet Care and Maintenance Tips

    Carpeting November 19th, 2012 Hopkins Carpet One

    According to the Carpet and Rug Institute, taking care of your carpeting means more than just cleaning it. In fact, after much study and testing, they have found the following to be true: It is 65% less expensive to maintain carpeting than hard surface flooring…. Read more »

  • Looking at Tigressa Carpeting

    Carpeting September 18th, 2012 Hopkins Carpet One

    At Hopkins Carpet One, we have a wide range of different carpets available. But few are as popular as Tigressa carpeting. We’re going to take some time and look at Tigressa carpets and what makes them so popular. Quick Overview Tigressa carpets are among the… Read more »