Caring for Your Vinyl Floors in Orono MN

April 15th, 2013

Regular Maintenance
While you may have some unique circumstances in Orono that require deeper cleansing, regular cleaning can go a long way in maintaining your vinyl floor. You should never use harsh chemicals to clean vinyl. Using a simple mixture of water and ammonia or vinegar will clean a vinyl floor without leaving a waxy buildup. Some other tips to keeping your floor sparkling clean are:

  1. Wipe up spills as soon as they occur. This will prevent them from getting set in your flooring.
  2. Vacuum and sweep regularly to clean up any debris that may cause permanent      damage to your floor. If there are small pieces of stones or other abrasive materials, they may cause scratches or other permanent damage to your floor.
  3. Apply only low- impact cleaning techniques. Use only soft brooms, string mops or soft rags. This will also help to ensure no scratches or other permanent damage is incurred during the cleaning process

Scuff Marks
If you have scuff marks on your vinyl floors, there a couple of different avenues you can pursue. First, try taking a rubber eraser or a tennis ball to the scuff and see if that works to remove the problem. If not, you can make a baking soda and water or toothpaste solution. Gently apply it to the scuff to remove it.

If you have vinyl in your bathroom or anywhere else that hair spray is being applied, it is common to notice a sticky buildup. To remove hairspray, use shampoo. A mixture of water and shampoo and some light scrubbing will do the trick.

Waxy Buildup
When cleaning your vinyl floors, you should use no-wax cleaners exclusively. Products that have shine agents in them, such as Pine-Sol, should also be avoided. Most of the vinyl flooring manufacturers produce and market their own line of products to restore finish. Armstrong, Karndean and Mannington all have products designed to remove soil and waxy buildup and reapply the shine agent to restore the finish like new. This will also help with easier maintenance in the future.

Persistent Stains
Some stains may be harder to remove. An easy fix to most of these types of stains is a mixture of water and bleach. Soak a rag in the solution and let it soak on the stain. After the solution has soaked, just wipe the area.

If you have any specific questions about maintaining your vinyl floors in Orono, please give us a call at 952-933-8944 or visit our website for more information.