Carpet Installation Maple Grove

Carpet Installation Maple GroveAre you ready for new carpeting for your home or business? We provide quality carpet at fair prices. With brands like Masland, Fabrica, Godfrey Hirst and Tigressa, you are sure to find the right carpeting for your needs. Once you’ve chosen the carpet you want, it’s time to get it installed. For carpet installation near Maple Grove, you can count on the Hopkins Carpet One installation team.

With many years of experience, our installation team will get your carpet installed professionally and efficiently. They have worked with all types of flooring and carpet and can handle even the most difficult installations.

We can even remove old carpeting or flooring and prepare the sub-floor for the new carpet. This is one less step you’ll need to worry about. With this, we can also dispose of your old carpet so you don’t need to worry about hauling it off somewhere.

Carpet installation can be a tricky job, that’s why it’s best to hire professionals. They have the experience and tools necessary to get the carpet installed correctly with minimum wastage. They also know how to glue seams together and properly fit the carpet in difficult areas. Our expert installation team will get the carpet laid correctly, so it will last for years to come.

Carpet Installation Process

When you are ready for the new carpeting to be installed, there are several parts of the process. Here’s a brief rundown so you know what to expect on installation day.

  1. Move all furniture and other items from the room getting the new carpet. Be sure any breakable items are stored safely out of the way.
  2. Detach and store wiring for TVs, DVD players, stereos and computers.
  3. Clear closet floors if needed and any bookshelves or tables.
  4. Vacuum the old carpet thoroughly to minimize airborne dust and particles.
  5. Our professional installers will arrive with the knowledge, tools and supplies needed to lay your new carpet. Make sure they have access to electrical power outlets.
  6. We can pull up the old carpet and cushion and dispose of it.
  7. The subfloor will be vacuumed to minimize dirt and dust.
  8. The subfloor must be structurally sound before installing new carpet on top of it. If there’s any damage, it will need to be repaired prior to carpet installation.
  9. The new cushion will be laid followed by the new carpeting.
  10. Our team will make sure everything fits and adheres properly.
  11. You will have a chance to inspect the job once it’s complete to be sure you are satisfied.
  12. You will then want to vacuum the new carpet before moving your furniture and items back into the room.

When you call on the experts from Hopkins Carpet One, you can be assured that your carpet will be installed correctly and efficiently.

Carpet Installation by Hopkins Carpet One

If you need residential or commercial carpet installation near Maple Grove, call Hopkins Carpet One at 952-933-8944, or you can Visit Our Store. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!