Carpet Store Edina

Hopkins Carpet One StoreIf you live in Edina or the surrounding areas and are looking for quality carpeting, look no further! At Hopkins Carpet One, we specialize in carpet! We carry many other styles of flooring as well, but if carpet is what you’re looking for, we can help!

Our carpet store has a large selection of brands to choose from, including Masland, Fabrica, Tigressa, Resista, Milliken and many more! We even carry some brands you won’t find in any other store, such as Lees (an exclusive brand of Carpet One). You can browse our selection of samples, visit with our knowledgeable sales team and compare different options to find the best fit for your needs.

If you are looking for a carpet store near Edina, give us a try! We are just a short drive away, and we offer local service that you won’t find at a big box store.

Carpet Shopping Tips

Before you visit our carpet store, you may want to prepare to make your carpet search a little easier. When you first visit our store, we’ll likely ask you a series of questions to determine the best type of carpet for your needs. Here are some questions we might ask:

  • How is the room going to be used?
  • Is there light or heavy traffic in the room?
  • Will there be kids or pets on the carpet?
  • Is there direct access from outside?
  • What size is the room?
  • What are the lighting conditions in the room?

All of these questions help us determine what type of carpet might be best for your needs, including the brand, type of fiber, color, texture and more. Once we have a general idea of the type of carpet you’re looking for, we can help you narrow down the selection process.

To help you choose a color or style of carpet for your home, you may want to bring in samples of the paint color, wallpaper, drapes or furniture. That will help you find colors that will match and/or complement your current décor.

It’s also helpful to have at least a rough estimate of the room’s size and layout. This allows us to provide an estimate on cost. We can always come to your Edina house for an official measurement before ordering the carpet.

In addition to selling carpet, we can also install it for you. We’ll even dispose of the old carpet currently in your home. Our carpet store provides the full range of products and services you need to get new carpeting in your home.

Visit Our Carpet Store

When you are ready to purchase carpeting for your Edina home or office, visit our carpet store in Hopkins. We will discuss all the options available and walk you through the process from selection to installation. If you have any questions, give us a call at 952-933-8944 or contact us.