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Carpet adds texture, color and warmth to a home!

Carpet & Custom Area Rugs | CarpetingCarpet is an exciting choice for a home because of the variety of styles and colors to select from. We can help you make a choice you can live with for many years whether it’s an elegant plush, a timeless texture or a fun shaggy frieze. Improved technology has increased durability and life of carpet making it also a cost effective way to update with a new fresh look. Selecting the best value for your home requires considering what quality factors you want most from your new floor covering.

The factors that influence the quality and cost of a carpet are the type of fiber, face weight, twist and the style of construction. For example a short level loop in an olefin fiber will cost less than a deep and heavy nylon plush. Wool and nylon are more expensive fibers than polyester and olefin, but the face weight of the carpet is also an important quality factor. It makes sense that the heaviest weights and thickest styles will cost more. With our help the perfect carpet or area rug at the perfect price for the project can be found at Hopkins Carpet One.

Carpet One has several exclusive collections that show the complete range of styles, qualities and price points. Our staff will ask questions about lifestyle, design preference and traffic patterns of the home. Their experience and knowledge are valuable tools in selecting a carpet when media advertising can add to the confusion of what is best for your home. For more unbiased information about carpet and rugs, visit The Carpet and Rug Institute.

Tigressa: Exceptional softness and ultimate strength

Tigressa’s technology produces precision-engineered, high-tensile denier filaments half the size of a human hair, for an ultra-soft texture. These resilient microfibers allow more filaments per square inch that stand up to heavy traffic and daily abuse.

Bigelow Collections: Reinventing the classics; performance with an elegant twist

Beige Wall to Wall CarpetingBuilding on the quality, style and value of the trusted Bigelow® brand provides the ultimate collection of artistic patterns; beautiful woven, warm wools; and natural fibers from a timeless favorite. Far more than just carpet, it is a masterpiece of superior craftsmanship and fashion designed to transform any room into something quite special. The collections are made from several mills. The Prestige collection is styles from Stanton, Godfrey Hirst, Nourison and Kane for the well-designed home. Stainmaster is a great collection of styles in a fiber we all trust. Mohawk produces the Wear Dated nylon collection and Smartstrand that uses the latest technology to create carpet fiber from the renewable source of corn. Step up to Bigelow Prestige carpet and dress your home in exceptional elegance.

Resista: Made to look beautiful no matter how you live

Resista carpet features a 10-YEAR NO EXCLUSION STAIN WARRANTY against ALL food and beverages, which covers most accidental household stains that most other warranties exclude such as coffee, red wine and fruit punch. Plus, with more than 60 coordinating colors in three different themes, Resista™ SoftStyle is designed to complement and enhance your lifestyle throughout your home.

Evans Black Color Stories: Says a lot about your home

The Color Stories collection includes styles that work well in different parts of a home such as the living room plush, the texture of a frieze in a bedroom and the practicality of a cut loop pattern through halls and stairs. All of these areas come in the same exact color because they use the same color pallet of 50 colors. Not only do the different textures add style, the real benefit is better performance for how each area is used.

Masland: Elegantly stylish carpeting with a classic look

Experienced designers turn to Masland carpeting for the quality and custom colors they depend on. Home owners return to the carpeting options offered by Masland because they have a way of making the most current trends and styles of carpeting look classic. Our Masland display has the full selection of Stainmaster styles of carpeting ranging from contemporary patterns, tailored loop and luxurious plush styles that not only look perfect the first day but for many years in a busy home.

Fabrica: Quality without compromise

“Quality without compromise” is Fabrica’s motto and best descriptive of the high quality carpet they produce. Twin Cities home owners looking for the best quality will find styles created with the best nylon fiber, heaviest weights and in the density that will look great for many years. The range of styles and current colors makes it easy to find the right look for custom homes of Orono, Minnetonka and Eden Prairie or for the classic homes of Edina, Minneapolis and St Louis Park. Fabrica is the choice when quality is first priority, knowing that carpeting will last for many years is truly the best value for any home.


Masland Bedroom Carpet

Dixie Home: Affordable Fashion

Dixie Home was founded on the premise that fashion and design do not have to be limited to the high-end of the market. Although a relatively new company, Dixie Home draws upon its association with the Dixie Group, a leader in textiles for more than 90 years. Dixie Home offers an array of high fashion, trend-setting residential broadloom carpets that include traditional velvets, contemporary patterns and a wide range of interesting textures all in exciting, fashion forward colors.

Anderson Tuftex: Timeless Intentional Design

Anderson Tuftex believes the flooring you choose for your home should be timeless, complementary and curated for your preferences. They understand that today’s consumers want a simplified shopping experience, so instead of overwhelming you with a sea of options, they are dedicated to crafting flooring that serves as a canvas for your life. They have three style collections: Classics, Pet Protect and Signature to meet your specific carpet needs.

Milliken Carpet


Milliken aspires to create exceptional products that inspire the designer in each person. They are driven to deliver purposeful flooring solutions that add value, improve health and safety, and make this world sustainable. All Milliken carpets are created to give long-lasting beauty. Their products are engineered with premium quality nylon fiber and New Zealand wool while being made in the USA. Milliken carpets incorporate several technologies to protect their long-term appearance, including high-twist durability, premium dyes, high-definition digital patterning, antimicrobial treatment and stain resistance.


Stanton Carpet features high quality, designer-driven patterns and styles. Stanton sets new standards of innovation and design in uniquely decorative carpets such as wool tufted textures, flat weaves, wool blends, nylons, synthetic and natural fiber products, and patterns. Stanton is recognized today as one of the nation’s leading manufacturers and importers of decorative, high-quality branded carpet and custom rugs.

Godfrey Hirst

Established in 1865, Godfrey Hirst was one of Australia’s first textile mills. Based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia, Godfrey Hirst has grown to now have production plants and facilities across the globe. Godfrey Hirst Carpets is recognized as one of the top 10 carpet manufacturers in the world. With their long established heritage, Godfrey Hirst’s brands have become household names with a reputation for quality and performance.

The company is proud of its 150 year history and today continues to manufacture residential and commercial broadloom carpets in all fibers, while specializing in the production of wool broadloom products for North America.

LEES: Relax, it’s… LEES

An exclusive brand of Carpet One, LEES is a tough carpet with outstanding stain resistance and timeless style. LEES has the perfect blend of science and style for ground-breaking stain protection and ultra-durable construction with a broad range of styles to express your taste.

With Ultra25 protections running all the way through the carpet fiber, LEES repels most liquids including coffee and juice. LEES offers a 25-year “no exclusions” warranty that covers stains other carpet warranties don’t, like pet stains, grease, mustard, cola and even bleach.


Hopkins Carpet One is proud to offer a variety of carpet brands and styles. We are sure we can help you find the right carpet for your needs. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 952-933-8944 or visit our showroom to talk with one of our expert flooring staff members.