Carpeting for Selling a Home

Published: November 20th, 2014 | Updated: September 20th, 2019

Are you trying to sell a home? Fresh carpet is near the top of every Realtor’s list of inexpensive, but essential, items to improve the look of a home going up for sale. Homeowners with their house on the market are usually looking to be as economical as possible when carpeting for selling a home.

The good news for homeowners and Realtors is that Hopkins Carpet One stocks hundreds of square yards of carpet in several shades of “Realtor beige.” We can be the link between clean, fresh carpets and a reasonable price point.

Economical Carpeting Options to Please Home Sellers and Realtors

We have taken several steps to drive the price down on this carpet. At our showroom in Hopkins, you can browse a number of styles a number of current, on-trend styles of carpeting at fantastic prices.

1. For this type of work, we stock carpet made from polyester fiber. It’s a great looking, inexpensive fiber that can be an immediate upgrade for any property on the market. The downside to polyester fiber is that it will tend to crush more quickly than a carpet made from nylon or wool. That being said, it’s not likely to happen for several years, well beyond the timeframe for selling a home.

2. We make purchases of large quantities of select colors. By purchasing large numbers of rolls in limited colors all at once, we are able to get the best possible mill-direct pricing. We are then able to pass those savings along to you: someone looking for carpeting for selling a home.

3. The carpet mills know we stock a lot of carpet, and they often come to us with incredible deals when they have an overstock or other special opportunity. We see discounts that most stores don’t simply because we are often the first call for carpet mills looking to reduce their inventory. This is another advantage for you, the consumer!

Installing Carpeting for Selling a Home

As a result of having a lot of carpet in stock, we are also able to install carpeting very quickly. We don’t have to wait for the carpet to ship from the mill. When our installation calendar permits, we can even install the next day.

Keep in mind that we will come out and measure the project as a courtesy, for no charge. We are very experienced in working with Realtors, so we are able to coordinate with them even if the property is currently unoccupied.

Looking for new carpet to help sell your property that’s on the market? Give us a call at 952-933-8944 or Contact Us Here.