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  • Caring for Your New Kentwood Floors

    Hardwood Flooring September 7th, 2015 Hopkins Carpet One

    If you just had engineered hardwood Kentwood Floors put into your Minneapolis home, then you might be wondering about how to care for them. After all, you want to protect your investment and make sure you get as much use out of your new engineered… Read more »

  • Your New Carpet: Visiting Our Store and Installation Day

    Carpeting August 3rd, 2015 Hopkins Carpet One

    If you are thinking about buying new carpet, you might be wondering what to do first. Do you take your own measurements and bring them to the store? Or do you pick your carpeting first and then take measurements? How long does it take to… Read more »

  • Carpet Care and Maintenance Tips

    Carpeting November 19th, 2012 Hopkins Carpet One

    According to the Carpet and Rug Institute, taking care of your carpeting means more than just cleaning it. In fact, after much study and testing, they have found the following to be true: It is 65% less expensive to maintain carpeting than hard surface flooring…. Read more »

  • Taking Care of Your Carpets

    Carpeting August 16th, 2012 Hopkins Carpet One

    Now that summer is nearing the finish line and the kids are back in school, we can look our carpets and see what can be done to bring them back to their former glory. Regular carpet care is important to ensure that your carpeting lasts… Read more »

  • Hardwood Floors: Tips for Cleaning

    Hardwood Flooring July 13th, 2012 Hopkins Carpet One

    Having hardwood floors adds a lot of flavor and beauty to any home, but require unique care if you want them to remain in immaculate condition. Here are some basic tips to remember when cleaning your hardwood floors: DON’T use acidic cleaners or ammonia AVOID… Read more »