Creating a Custom Stair Runner

Published: March 18th, 2016 | Updated: October 7th, 2021

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If your home has a wooden staircase, you may consider adding a stair runner, which is carpeting for your stairs. Literally, it’s carpeting that “runs up the stairs.” Most people don’t think about adding carpeting to stairs; however, it can be a dramatic improvement for your home.

At Hopkins we can help you create a custom stair runner, and a good carpeting choice to use is Stanton Stainmaster Pet Protect. We’ll cover some reasons why you may consider adding a stair runner and why we believe Stanton carpeting is great for the job!

First, some reasons why a stair runner can be a great addition to your home:
• Quiet the noise that comes from creaky wooden stairs
• Makes stairs warmer when walking with bare feet
• Provides better traction for walking up and down
• Protects the hardwood flooring from scuff marks and scratches
• Adds beauty while not completely covering the hardwood

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Stair runners differ from full carpeting on stairs because they only cover the main middle area of the stairs while allowing the hardwood on either side to still be seen. So, you can add style and color with carpeting while still enjoying the look of the hardwood.

Now, we’ll provide some reasons why Stanton Stainmaster Pet Protect is a great option for your stair runner. This carpeting is durable and resistant to stains while not lacking in aesthetics. We carry seven different styles of Stanton Stainmaster Pet Protect, all with a different pattern and each coming in a variety of shades and colors. So, you are sure to find a color and pattern that will match your home’s décor.

Here are just a couple of examples:

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If you decide you’d like a stair runner made with Stanton Stainmaster Pet Protect carpeting, you can come to us to have it custom made! Once you choose the style of carpeting you want. We can order it, custom cut it and bind it to fit your stairs. Then we will have our professionals install it for you. It’s that easy!

Whether you have a straight staircase or winding staircase, we know how to make it work so the carpeting fits and stays in place. Adding a stair runner to your home’s staircase will add beauty, safety and protection to your stairs so they will last for many years to come. With the added benefits of Stanton Stainmaster Pet Protect carpeting you won’t need to worry about stains or fading.

If you would like more information about getting a custom stair runner or about Stanton Stainmaster Pet Protect carpeting, call Hopkins Carpet One at 952-933-8944, or you can stop in and Visit Our Showroom.