In-the-Know: Current Tips For Floor Shopping in 2021

April 23rd, 2021

It is spring; time for exciting home remodels and refreshing renovations! It is a busy time of year for home improvement and new flooring is no exception. And, with the housing market the way it is, the influx in new flooring installation is through the roof. Houses are selling fast which means the demand for flooring is at an all-time high. Are you planning on having new flooring installed in your home or business? Whether you’re looking to install new flooring in a newly bought home or in one you’ve lived in for decades, there are a few things to keep in mind this year. 

Hopkins Carpet One storefront

Here at Hopkins Carpet One, we are seeing firsthand the effects of high demand in 2021 and we thought we would take a moment to offer tips to help you shop for flooring in today’s market. Here are some things you, the customer, can do to prepare for your upcoming floor shopping and installation experience:

Plan ahead. Understand that depending on the flooring you choose, it could take a while to get your new flooring. That is why it’s important to plan ahead. As we discussed in our last blog, due to the freight crisis, many products are still on back order and taking much longer to get in. We will do everything we can in order to get your new flooring as quickly as possible but in some cases, customers can expect up to 12 weeks for select products. Installers are also busy these days, currently scheduling 6-8 weeks out. By planning ahead you can ensure a reasonable timeline for your renovation and ensure everything comes together the way you’d like it to.

DIY if possible. If it’s at all possible, plan on doing a DIY installation in order to get your new flooring in faster. While some flooring can be difficult to install on your own, try a do-it-yourself installation for luxury vinyl plank and other easy-to-install flooring options.

Prepare for installation. If you are having your new flooring installed by Carpet One installers, prepare for your new installation before their arrival to help save on time. You can:

  • Move any necessary furniture before their arrival.
  • Handle removing and disposing of existing floor before they arrive. This will save time and money.

Our Hopkins One installers can of course move furniture and remove existing flooring on their own if you need or want them to. However, if you’re crunched for time and looking to get your flooring installed even sooner, these little tips and tricks can help make it happen.

We hope you have found these tips helpful! If you still have questions or if you’d like to get started on your flooring selection and installation as soon as possible, don’t hesitate to stop by or give us a call! Visit our showroom in Hopkins, call us at 952-933-8944 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you.