Custom Area Rugs Golden Valley

Custom Area Rugs ValleyHopkins Carpet One creates custom area rugs. The options in customization are nearly endless, as are the choices from which you will select. If you find yourself wanting to add custom area rugs to your Golden Valley area home, call on us at Hopkins Carpet One. We will get you squared away with a rug that is customized to your needs!

Utilizing existing carpet remnants, as well as some of the carpets that we have in stock (cuttable to any shape and size, edges bound, etc.), our customers can also order any piece of carpet from the showroom to have altered and shaped into an area rug. Your custom area rug will be completed within roughly one week, priced reasonably, derived from our existing excellent selection.

A lot of the manufacturers we work with have custom area rug programs themselves, so you can select different colors, patterns, and styles that will be made into custom area rugs at the factory. Going this route offers the great chance to create a truly unique, one of a kind rug that only you own—nowhere else on Earth will this particular rug exist. The manufacturers we work with in the realms of custom area rugs are:

  • Fabrica
  • Milliken
  • Stanton

Custom Area Rugs Derived from Carpet Squares

Stanton Carpet Squares

Take a look at some of the newest and most revolutionary area rugs that we have ever come across. Stanton came up with an awesome do-it-yourself type of custom rug. Customizing your very own area rug is pretty easy when you buy individual colored squares of carpet that fasten together, resulting in your own unique pattern. Stanton has even gone so far as to create the official Stanton Area Rug rack, where customers like you can choose from a variety of hues that will ultimately form a rug. The squares are 16″ x 16″ and join together through a Velcro (hook and loop) system. If you are looking for the ultimate in softness, color choice, sizing options and custom area rugs, this may be the choice for you!

Hopkins Carpet One has a huge selection of area rugs. We have popular brands, colors and styles. Whether you’re accenting the foyer or sprucing up the dining room, we have the area rug for you. Stop by today to browse our selection.

Pick Out Your Custom Area Rug Today

Stop by Hopkins Carpet One today to look through your options in custom area rugs for your Golden Valley home. You can also call us if you have any questions at 952-933-8944.