Custom-Dyed Carpeting: How It’s Done

Published: August 14th, 2014

Does your re-flooring design require carpet in a color you just can’t find anywhere? You don’t have to feel limited in your options! Get custom-dyed carpet at Hopkins Carpet One in Hopkins MN for less than you might expect.

How is it possible?
As it happens, one of our manufacturers, Fabrica, dyes each order individually anyway. So while you could order any of their standard colors that you see on the sample board (which most people do), there is no reason Fabrica can’t have it dyed nearly any color you would like.

Custom Dyed CarpetFabrica manufactures its carpet undyed (for your textile industry vocabulary word of the day, goods made without dye for later dyeing are called “greige goods”). When orders are placed, they cut the requested amount of carpet from the master roll, and then dye the carpet using a process called “beck dyeing” to achieve the desired color.

The benefit to the mill is that they don’t have to stock carpeting in every color; they just dye carpet as the orders come in. The benefit to you is that the mill is happy to make any custom colors for a nominal custom color fee.

How does the ordering process work?
Simply choose a carpet style, and then provide a sample of the color you would like the carpet dyed. That sample could be a paint sample, some other fabric or wallpaper. We send the sample to the mill, and they send back three different samples called strike-offs. You choose the shade you prefer, and the mill makes up your carpet.

It’s that simple.

Installing Custom Dyed Carpeting

The rest of the process is the same as any other carpeting job. Our team of installers will transport your custom carpet to your home and install it in the designated area. No job is too big to custom dye. We have wall-to-wall carpeting custom-dyed for our customers. You are only limited by your imagination.

Once you have chosen custom-dyed carpeting, you’ll never go back. Work with our carpeting experts on re-carpeting your home, and you’ll discover all the possibilities there are. We know carpeting inside and out. We’ll make sure you get exactly what you need to make your flooring the best part of your home!

If you’re ready to have custom-dyed carpeting installed in your home, contact Hopkins Carpet One by calling 952-933-8944 or Contact us Here. Stop by our showroom in Hopkins to see all we have to offer!