Don’t Let Carpet Stains Ruin Your Holiday Festivities

Published: December 15th, 2017

With the holiday season often comes time with friends and family and holiday parties. Usually this means eating and drinking throughout the main part of the house, rather than just at the kitchen table. Inevitably, there will be a spill on the carpet. Whether it’s red wine, coffee or food, your first thought is probably to panic. However, you don’t need to worry! We offer some tips to help with various carpet stains.

Cleaning Carpet StainsWith some quick action on your part and a few ingredients you probably have around your house already, you can clean up the spill and pretend it never happened. There are a few techniques to know to keep the spill from permanently staining your carpet. Here are three things you should do as soon as the spill happens.

1. Scrape – For food items, you want to gently scrape the soiled area with the blunt edge of a spoon from the outside edge of the spot toward the center.
2. Apply – Dampen a clean, white (not printed) paper towel with a cleaning solution (see below) and moisten the carpet with it. You don’t want to thoroughly wet the carpet since that can damage the carpet and backing.
3. Blot – Do not rub! Instead you want to absorb the excess liquid from the carpet by pressing straight down with a clean, dry, white paper towel. If necessary, you may want to place a half-inch thick pad of paper towels with a weight (like some heavy books) on top and leave it overnight.

These are general techniques you should follow for all spills. Depending on the item that was spilled, some different steps may need to be taken. To see videos on how to treat specific spills, visit our carpet stains page.

Carpet Cleaning Solution and Supplies
You can make your own carpet cleaning solution by mixing ½ teaspoon of clear dish washing detergent with one cup of warm water. Other supplies you will want to have on hand include white vinegar, white paper towels, sponge, white towels and baking soda.

Don’t let a little spill on the carpet ruin your holiday fun. Simply have the above products on hand, be prepared by knowing the techniques to use (no rubbing!), and bookmark our carpet stains page so you’ll know exactly what steps to follow to remove the stain and get back to enjoying your guests.

If you would like more information on how to keep your carpet clean and help it last, visit our showroom in Hopkins to talk with our flooring experts, or give us a call at 952-933-8944.