Finding the Right Carpet Fiber for Your Unique Needs

Published: January 21st, 2019

Lowe’s has acquired the Stainmaster brand name from Invista. Please visit our blog for more information.

In the market for new carpeting for your home or business? As experts in carpet for the entire Twin Cities area, we are here to tell you a little bit about each type of carpet fiber as well as its many benefits. When you come in to Hopkins Carpet One, the first thing you will notice is there are quite a few carpet styles to choose from. But, don’t fret! Our carpeting experts can speak to you to learn your flooring wants, needs and budget to help select the right carpeting for you. While each carpet is unique, there will no doubt be one that is exactly what you are looking for! Here at Hopkins Carpet One, we essentially carry four different types of carpet fiber; Polypropylene (Olefin), Polyesters (PTT & PET) Nylon, and Wool. Here is a brief rundown of each to help you get started:


Carpet Samples

Also known as Olefin, Olefin is color fast, naturally stain resistant and economical. Olefin is one of the most color fast fibers on the market. Unlike the other fibers Polypropylene will not absorb water making it great for indoor outdoor applications.


This is where science and carpet meet. Both PTT and PET are a form of polyesters however they are made of different chemicals.

PTT also known as Triexta or Smart Strand sold by Mohawk carpet is very color fast; it will offer stain resistance, chlorine resistance and a good resilience to last you and your family years of style and comfort.

PET Is naturally stain resistant, can be dyed to bright or bold colors, softer to the touch, and budget friendly. In some cases, polyester will crush with very heavy traffic, and show wear patterns quicker. So, consider your home or business’ level of foot traffic if interested in polyester carpet to determine if it’s the right fit for you.


Nylon carpet have a stronger DNA to resist crushing and matting so it is a great solution for businesses and homes with a high level of foot traffic. This fiber is naturally kinked to hold its shape and texture. Having your nylon carpet hot water extracted will bring the kink back by reactivation of the molecules.

Nylon has stain protection added to the fibers, this fills in the pours and creates a stain-resistant fiber. Have you ever heard of Stainmaster? Stainmaster is a treatment added to nylon fibers to gain great stain resistance. The most stain resistant type of nylon is solution-dyed nylon, which locks the color in by adding it during the production of the fiber.

Nylon is a very strong fiber, will hold up to abrasion, is highly resilient, and has very good texture retention to maintain its original appearance.


Wool is a natural fiber excellent for whole house wellness. Wool is great for flame resistance, purifies your home by reducing common gases from indoor air pollutants, great for noise control, manages humidity and is environmentally friendly.

Wool is also naturally kinked to hold the texture and is great for soil resistance. The down side to wool is its ability to resist staining, if it can dye your hair it will dye your carpet. Wool can also be priced a little higher than synthetic fibers, but it is a high quality solution many say is worth the price!

This is some of the most interesting information about carpet fibers we carry! The type of carpet fiber you want really depends on your priorities and needs.

Ready to get started determining the right carpet fiber for you? When you choose to purchase your flooring from Hopkins Carpet One, you can be assured that you’ll receive expert advice, personalized service, quality installation and a relationship that goes beyond the purchase. If you are looking for the right carpeting for you, visit our showroom or give us a call at 952-933-8944.