Hardwood Floors Give Orono Homes Decades of Service with Minor Maintenance

Hardwood Flooring OronoThere’s nothing like hardwood floors to give an Orono home a touch of elegance, and with proper care, they will still look great after decades of service. Maintaining the hardwood floors in your Orono home is really quite easy. Here are a few care tips for your hardwood floors.

  • Vacuum the floor a couple of times a week using the brush attachment. If it is just dusty, with no sand or grit, you can use a dry mop. You can even use a dry mop that is slightly dampened with a fine spray of water if you wish, but don’t get it too wet.
  • Wipe up any spills as soon as possible using a soft dry cloth. Water and other liquids allowed to stand can cause stains and deformation that may be very
    difficult to correct without actually refinishing the floor.
  • Establish a practice of not wearing shoes in your Orono home whenever possible. You’d be surprised at how many homeowners do this. It goes a long way toward minimizing wear on your hardwood floors and it helps keep carpets clean as well. A side benefit is that you will be more relaxed and comfortable when at home.
  • Protect high traffic areas from wear by putting down carpet runners and throw rugs. Be sure to have mats just outside each entryway to the house, and if possible, have a rug or mat just inside the doorway.
  • Don’t slide furniture across your hardwood floors. If it’s too heavy to carry, use felt or Teflon sliders under the legs before moving the furniture. For furniture that is frequently moved such as chairs, be sure to install pads under each leg.

Sometimes you may encounter more serious situations such as cigarette burns, water stains, dents and scratches. If this happens to you, check with your Orono hardwood floors supplier to determine the best way to clean or repair the problem. If you are in Orono or elsewhere in the Twin Cities area, and you need information about hardwood flooring, contact the experts at Hopkins Carpet One.