How Stainmaster Pet Protect Works

Published: February 24th, 2016 | Updated: October 7th, 2021

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How does Stainmaster Pet Protect work? What makes it so stain resistant and so cleanable?

Stainmaster Pet Protect Carpet

Mostly it has to do with how nylon fibers are made for carpeting. We’ll discuss how most carpeting is made and then how Stainmasater Pet Protect is made. The process in production is what makes the Pet Protect carpeting do its job of resisting stains and discoloration.

When creating fibers for carpeting, the nylon starts out as pellets, like little plastic spheres. It is then extruded into long strands of fiber.

For most of the carpeting made, the manufacturers use white or gray pellets and make up very large rolls of undyed carpeting. Then, they dye smaller rolls beige or brown or gray or red as they need inventory. This style of nylon is set up to receive coloring, and then also receives stain treatments afterwards.

The style of manufacturing used for most carpeting makes it easy for the manufacturers to manage their inventory. They can have a master roll undyed, and then dye the inventory as the market demands, without over-committing to colors that don’t connect with consumers.

Stainmaster Pet Protect follows a different type of manufacturing. It uses what is called solution-dyed nylon. With solution-dyed nylon, the pellets of nylon start out beige or brown or red. They do not get dyed a different color later, and they are not designed to take dye or other coloring. Because of this, the solution-dyed nylons are more difficult to stain than a standard nylon. Additionally, the solution-dyed nylons are extremely colorfast, and can safely be cleaned with up to a 50 percent bleach solution.

For pet owners, the benefits of Stainmaster Pet Protect carpeting are immediately obvious: the carpeting resists stains better, and it can be cleaned aggressively with bleach when accidents do happen.

Now, one thing to keep in mind is that there are often fewer selections in Stainmaster Pet Protect carpeting simply because it is harder for manufacturers to manage their inventory with solution-dyed nylons. Once they buy yarn, they are committed to that color. As a result, they tend to offer fewer styles.

Even with this in mind, we have a great selection of Stainmaster Pet Protect styles, from plush to pattern to loop, in great colors that work with every decorating style.

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