How to Prevent Carpet Dents

Published: March 22nd, 2024

Are you familiar with carpet dents? You know – those divots you see in the carpet when you finally move that heavy dresser to rearrange your bedroom? Those are carpet dents, and they can be annoying. If you’ve experienced these in your home, you’ve likely researched ways to get rid of the dents. You probably came across the ice cubes, ironing or blow-drying methods. These do work well in some cases, but in other cases they don’t work at all. At Hopkins Carpet One, we are experts in carpet and flooring in the Minneapolis area. We want to discuss carpet dents, why some are permanent, and how to prevent them.

If a carpet dent only affects the carpet fibers, the above mentioned methods of removing them are quite effective. However, if the carpet backing is damaged, the dent is likely permanent.

Take a look at the pictures below. As an example, we placed a carpet sample under a heavy display in our store. We left it for just a few days then removed the carpet sample. As you can see, the back part of the carpet is actually stretched. This cannot be fixed with ice cubes or a hair dryer! Now, imagine if we left the carpet under the heavy furniture for weeks or months at a time. The backing will be stretched beyond repair.

This is why preventing carpet dents is so important. You don’t want to invest in new carpet only to ruin it with the furniture placed on it. So, you are probably wondering how to prevent carpet dents. Here are some things you can use and do.

Furniture Coasters

Furniture coasters are flat disks that go under furniture legs and distribute the weight of the furniture over a wider area, keeping the carpet from denting. Place a furniture coaster underneath each leg of the furniture. Furniture coasters, also called caster cups, come in a variety of types from rubber to decorative glass. Some coasters even have spikes to sink into the carpet and keep them in place.

Carpet Cushions

Another option to distribute the weight of furniture and prevent carpet dents is using leftover carpet from your installation to create carpet cushions. Cut out pieces from leftover carpet, making sure they’re slightly larger than the bottom of the furniture legs. If the legs are visible, you can trim them to the same shape as the legs.  

Moving Furniture

This is not convenient, but if you want to prevent carpet dents, you should adjust the position of your heavy furniture at least once a month. The furniture will need to be moved at least 1 inch each time. Be careful not to tear the carpet when moving. Furniture slides can make moving easier.


Vacuum your carpet at least once a week. Even if the carpet doesn’t look dirty, it probably has tiny dust and debris weighing down the fibers. Running a vacuum over carpet helps to lift fibers, making them appear less crushed or dented. If you see a deep dent, you can apply the vacuum suction attachment to the area.


Rugs are great to use in high-traffic areas and under furniture to protect carpet. Rugs can be placed under heavy pieces of furniture to remove some of the weight burden of carpet. Repeated foot traffic can also cause low-grade dents, so rugs placed in high-traffic areas can minimize the wear to the carpet.

We hope these ideas will help prevent irreparable carpet dents in your home. If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to our team of carpet and flooring experts. You can give us a call at 952-933-8944 or contact us.