How to Prolong the Life of Your Carpet

March 2nd, 2016

When you have new carpeting installed in your home, you want it to last. As long as you purchased good quality carpeting and had it professionally installed, it should bring you many years of use. However, with proper care and maintenance you can help your carpet last even longer. Here are some tips on how to prolong the life of your carpet.

Vacuum regularly. As a general rule, vacuum traffic areas twice per week or more if you have children or pets. This prevents dirt from settling into the carpet. Walking on dirt and grit that has settled to the base of the fibers causes an abrasive action, which results in the appearance of worn areas.

Maintain your vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming only helps when your vacuum works well. Check the brushes regularly, and replace the bag if it’s more than half full. Vacuum efficiency is greatly reduced when the bag is more than half full.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Have your carpet professionally cleaned about once a year. Carpet Manufacturers normally recommend professional steam cleaning every 18-24 months. However, you will want to check with your specific carpet’s manufacturer. Generally, the recommendation for steam cleaning is written in the warranty. If carpeting is not cleaned as recommended, you can lose the warranty protection. In most cases, following the once-a-year rule will keep your carpeting clean and under warranty.

Additionally, we do not recommend the do-it-yourself carpet cleaners that are available for rent from the local hardware store, which is often called shampooing. These don’t tend to work as well since it is difficult to completely rinse out all of the detergent. When any soap residue is left on the carpet fibers, the soap continues to do its job, which is to attract dirt. This can lead to a downward spiral of adding more shampoo that only attracts more dirt. So, it’s best to let the professionals handle the job.

Clean up spills immediately. Most spills can be removed if attended to quickly. The longer a spill stays on the carpet, the greater the chance that it will stain permanently.

Use walk off mats on top of carpet in high wear areas. These areas are usually at entry/exit points from the house. You also want to be sure to clean these mats on a regular basis so they don’t become a source of soil themselves.

Rearrange furniture. This helps change the flow of traffic in a room to eliminate the same spots always getting used.

Remove your shoes. Make it a rule to remove your shoes when you enter your home.

Reduce periods of direct sunlight. Protecting your carpet from prolonged periods of direct sunlight by using blinds, shades or curtains will minimize fading.

We hope these tips will keep your carpeting in good shape for many years to come. If you would like to learn more about caring for your carpeting or installing new carpeting, call Hopkins Carpet One at 952-933-8944, or you can stop in and Visit Our Showroom.