The Importance of Carpet Cushion

Published: December 5th, 2017 | Updated: September 20th, 2019

Carpet without carpet cushion (or padding) is like wearing shoes without socks. You can do it, but your feet will be much happier when you put the two together. Socks absorb sweat, prevent blisters and provide added warmth. Likewise, carpet cushion is important to combine with carpet. By working together, you can get the look and feel you want that will last. Here are a few benefits of installing a carpet cushion under your carpeting.

Extends the Life of Carpet
Some people feel they can save money by purchasing carpet with a greater pile-height and eliminating the cushion. However, a cushion reduces pile height loss and pile crushing, helping the carpet to look newer longer.

Wear resistance tests done by Independent Textile Testing Service show carpets last longer with a cushion underneath. Carpets without cushion showed a 19.3% loss in thickness. Carpets with cushion showed only a 5-10% pile height loss.

Carpet Installation with CushionSaves Money
Going along with the first point, an installation with carpet cushion can be more economical since carpets without cushion may need to be replaced sooner.

Improves Acoustical Properties
A carpeted room is quiet because the pile surface absorbs surface noise at the source. Carpet installed with separate cushion can make the room even quieter.

Reduces Impact Exerted on the Floor
In tests conducted at the University of Chicago, the effects of people walking on carpet and cushion were measured. The tests revealed that carpet by itself and cushion by itself have only limited impact absorption value. However, when the two are combined, the ability of the floor covering to absorb walking impact rises dramatically. This reduces walking fatigue and improves comfort for your feet.

Improves Thermal Insulation
You can keep you floor warmer with carpet cushion since the cushion resists heat flow.

Cleans Easier
Vacuum cleaning is more efficient when there is a separate cushion beneath the carpet. Most vacuums slightly lift the carpet to provide air circulation for maximum cleaning. Cleaner carpet also helps it last longer.

Choosing Carpet Cushion
Not all carpet cushions are created equal. A higher quality padding will make your carpet more comfortable and keep it looking new longer. If it’s subpar, your carpet may wrinkle, buckle and appear worn more quickly. The type of padding to use also depends on the room. Low-traffic areas can use a thicker, softer padding, whereas heavy traffic areas should have a thinner, firmer padding.

If you are ready to have new carpet installed in your home, don’t skip the cushion! If you would like more information on the importance of carpet cushion and how to choose the right type for your home, please stop by our showroom in Hopkins or give us a call at 952-933-8944.