Invincible XT Luxury Vinyl Flooring Offers A More Realistic Look for Your Home

Do you want the look of wood but require the durability of vinyl? For your home Look no further than Invincible XT Luxury Vinyl! It is exclusive to Carpet One and offers more than your average vinyl. As the experts in Invincible XT Luxury Vinyl for the Twin Cities area, we are excited to tell you more about it and why we think it will make the perfect addition to your home.

Invincible XT Luxury Vinyl Flooring

For one, Invincible XT Luxury Vinyl features products that are longer, wider, heavier and more substantial than anything else on the marketplace today. This durable construction lends a more realistic, wood-like feel underfoot and offers better resistance to wear and tear.

This is the vinyl flooring that offers the most realistic wood-like look out there! When you see a poorly made wood-like vinyl floor; you know it isn’t real right away. Why? Because you see repeating visuals and patterns. Not only does Invincible XT Luxury Vinyl come in 14 different styles including ash, oak and pine; each style offers 10 different design varieties! These 10 different visuals per style allows for a floor that’s even more realistic. No more repeating visuals at each glance! The average number of visuals in the flooring industry is only four or five unique per style; but with Invincible you get more than twice that! That’s what makes it so beautiful and incredibly realistic!

Not only does Invincible offer a higher end, more realistic look, it features cutting edge technology that is super tough and virtually care free. This means no expensive or time consuming maintenance!

In addition to wood-like styles, Hopkins Carpet One will also be offering six travertine and concrete tile styles! So, if it’s a tile look you want, Invincible is still the flooring for you! The style possibilities are absolutely endless with Invincible XT Luxury Vinyl! Stop by the showroom and we can show you all the styles we have in stock and help you choose the right one for your unique home.

Invincible XT Luxury Vinyl is truly revolutionary! Don’t believe us? Come see our display of all new styles for yourself! And, if you would like more information about the many benefits and unique styles of Invincible XT Luxury Vinyl flooring and to see our new display, please visit our showroom in Hopkins to talk with our flooring experts, or give us a call at 952-933-8944.