Is Thicker Carpeting Better?

Is thicker carpeting necessarily better?

A lot of times we see people who are under the impression that it is, and it does make a certain amount of sense. After all, thicker carpeting is more expensive, and price goes up with quality, right? Plus, there’s just more carpeting in a thicker piece versus a thinner one…and more is always better, right?

So thicker has to be better, right?

Well, not necessarily so.

Certainly price goes up with quantity, and it is the quantity of carpet fiber that drives a significant portion of the price of carpeting.

Vacuuming Thick Carpeting

But here’s the thing: for one, thicker carpeting is harder to maintain; it’s just physically more difficult to push the vacuum through it. And for two, at a certain point for some styles of carpeting that come in multiple thicknesses, it can happen that the thickest version of a style of carpeting has a lesser warranty that the thinner versions. And also, as we age, we tend to find it easier to walk on carpeting that is less plush.

Now, if what you want is the plushest possible carpeting, then, yes, thicker is better.

But we can also look at two California carpet manufacturers: Fabrica and Tuftex. Both manufacturers use stain resistant nylon in many of their products, and both of them make contemporary styles. Now Fabrica’s products are generally more expensive than Tuftex’s products, and a large part of it is that Fabrica uses a lot more nylon. Compared to Tuftex, the Fabrica products tend to feel more substantial.

Keep in mind that both Fabrica and Tuftex use the same nylon in many products, and the carpeting is going to wear very similarly between the two. So in that sense the more substantial carpeting isn’t necessarily better. Fabrica also takes some additional steps that increase overall quality. So if you like California style in your carpeting, you have a great deal of control over your pricing simply by choosing which manufacturer you go with.

So, is thicker carpeting better? The answer is…it depends. If you want a plush carpet, it may be better for you. If you are basing it simply on quality, thicker is not always better.

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