Maintenance for Luxury Vinyl Tile

Published: December 16th, 2016

Luxury vinyl tile or LVT is fairly easy to maintain. With new products implementing new technology, the overall maintenance for this type of floor is not time consuming. With regular care, the flooring will last for many years in any home or business. If you have or are interested in getting luxury vinyl tile near Chanhassen, here are some tips to keep it looking good and performing well.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Initial Maintenance

  • When you get luxury vinyl tile installed in your home, you will want to keep traffic light for the first 24 hours so any adhesive can dry properly. Note that not all LVTs require an adhesive.
  • You will want to avoid scrubbing or washing the floor for at least three days after the installation. You can spot clean if needed, avoiding all seams.
  • When you move your furniture or appliances back in the room, be sure to use wood or hardboard runways to protect the floor.

Routine Maintenance

  • Sweep the floor regularly (at least once a week) to remove loose dirt.
  • Prevent stains by wiping any spills promptly.
    Occasional mopping is recommended when dirt builds up and sweeping alone is not sufficient. Many manufacturers will have a cleaning solution specific for their product. Regular soap or detergent can leave a dulling film.
  • Luxury vinyl sheet floors normally have a low gloss. Use polish or “mop and shine” products only if you wish to make the floor shiny.
  • After several applications of polish, an occasional stripping and reapplication of polish may be necessary. This may also be necessary for excessive dirt and grime build-up. High traffic areas may require more than one application of polish. Just be sure to allow the polish to dry completely between coats.

Extra Protection

Here are some other tips to help your luxury vinyl flooring last as long as possible.

  • Use a doormat outside each entrance to your home to prevent dirt, grit, sand and other substances from being tracked onto your floor.
  • Close your curtains or blinds where extreme sunlight hits the floor. The combination of heat and sunlight causes most home furnishings, including resilient floors, to fade or discolor.
  • Support furniture with wide-bearing, non-staining floor protectors. Ideally, protectors should be at least one inch in diameter.

By following these simple tips, your luxury vinyl tile floor will last for many years. If you would like to learn more about luxury vinyl tile near Chanhassen, give us a call at 952-933-8944 or stop by our Showroom in Hopkins to visit with our flooring experts.