Masland Stainmaster Pet Protect Minneapolis

Lowe’s has acquired the Stainmaster brand name from Invista. Please visit our blog for more information.

One of the most family and pet friendly carpets around is Masland Stainmaster Pet Protect. Minneapolis homeowners enjoy plenty of advantages when they purchase this carpeting:
  • It has built-in stain resistance, which means you will not have to worry about pets, foot traffic, spills and other accidents staining and ruining your carpeting.
  • Pet hair and dander is easily removed from Masland Stainmaster Pet Protect carpeting, which makes it easier to vacuum and keep clean.
  • It comes in a variety of colors, so it’s easy for you to find the perfect match for your home and your own personal style and taste.
Come by our showroom and we’ll tell you even more about Masland Stainmaster Pet Protect and all of its benefits. We’ll answer your questions, and you can see what we have in stock. We can send our professional installation team to your home to install it, or we can help you purchase the other tools and items you’ll need to install it yourself. We think you’ll be impressed by Masland Stainmaster Pet Protect carpeting. It’s a great choice for those who love carpeting and are worried about pet stains, odors and fur marring the carpeting’s good looks. Thanks to the way it’s made, when your pet has an accident, it will not leave a permanent mark. You can easily clean up the mess without any worries that the spot is there to stay. If you purchase the Stainmaster Pet Protect cushion system, the breathable moisture barrier will help to reduce the odors that pet accidents can cause too. Call us or visit our showroom so you can learn more about Masland Stainmaster Pet Protect and how to get it installed in your home.

Masland Stainmaster Pet Protect for Your Home

Masland Stainmaster Pet Protect MinneapolisGet the best of both worlds: Masland Stainmaster Pet Protect isn’t just practical, it looks good too! Luxurious, aesthetically-pleasing and comfortable to walk on, this type of carpeting is great for homes of all shapes and sizes. No matter how many pets you own, Masland Stainmaster Pet Protect carpeting is an excellent choice. Visit our showroom, located in Hopkins, to learn more and to choose your new carpeting. For your convenience, we are open six days a week: Mondays through Saturdays. Come by today to get the Masland Stainmaster Pet Protect carpeting you’ve always wanted!

Find Masland Stainmaster Pet Protect Carpeting

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