Metroflor Attraxion Magnetic Flooring

Looking for flooring that’s easy to install and easy to replace with your home or business’ changing style? Look no further than Metroflor Attraxion Magnetic Flooring! This DIY-friendly flooring installs with magnets! Metroflor Attraxion Magnetic Flooring allows for the rapid installation of flooring by creating a magnetic attachment with a magnetic underlayment thus eliminating the need for locking systems or adhesives.

Metroflor Attraxion Magnetic Flooring also allows homes and businesses alike to change flooring easily. Simply keep the underlayment and change the top. This allows you to change your flooring with the times, trends or a changing business aesthetic. And, it looks great too! Metroflor is known for beautiful, realistic LVT designs that are virtually indistinguishable from natural hardwood and stone.

Metroflor Attraxion Magnetic Flooring installs without adhesives so you’ve got more chances to get it right as a DIY installer. With adhesives, you’ve got only a few tries to get things straight before the adhesive is no longer effective. But with Metroflor Attraxion Magnetic Flooring, you simply roll out the magnetic underlayment and place Metroflor LVT overtop for a strong, movement-free installation. It’s simple, easy and convenient. It is the fastest and easiest floor you will ever install!

Benefits of Metroflor Attraxion Magnetic Flooring

There are so many incredible benefits to Metroflor Attraxion Magnetic Flooring! For one, Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology eliminates adhesive-related VOCs and the magnetic underlayment can dually purpose as a moisture barrier and minimizes costs related to floor prep. There are also no worries about electronics. Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology will not affect computers, smartphones, or tablets and is safe for electronic implant devices like pacemakers. Attraxion Magnetic Technology also:

  • Can be easily installed in a fraction of the time compared to glue-down or locking floors
  • Eliminates the need for expensive adhesives
  • Has unmatched sheer strength that holds the floor in place even under heavy commercial traffic
  • Eliminates the need for additional underlayment systems
  • The magnetic underlaymentcan be used when flooring is replaced, significantly reducing labor costs and time on future installations
  • Is warm and comfortable underfoot
  • Resists peeling, cracking and delamination
  • And much more!

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