New Carpet Styles from Anderson Tuftex

Published: February 13th, 2023

New and exciting things are coming for your floors! We recently returned from the CCA Global Partners’ Winter Convention in Phoenix, Arizona, and we got a sneak peak of new styles and designs for carpet, hard surface flooring and more.

In this blog, we will share some up-and-coming carpet designs from Anderson Tuftex. These will be available in our store this spring!


High Performance Nylon, 18 colors

Use of Illusion: A maze of interconnecting pathways that join seamlessly and stop abruptly. Path is a journey of perceived symmetry and creates a modern sense of completion for the home.


High Performance PET, 18 colors

A vibrant and elevated herringbone pattern gives the all-loop construction of Marquet a style that is both intricate and natural.


High Performance PET, 18 colors

A modern take on a woven parquet, Moderne is a blend of all the best attributes: structured yet casual, clean yet substantive, elegant yet unpretentious, contemporary yet timeless.

Cozy Cable

High Performance Nylon, 18 colors

City vibes are the essence of human connection. Embrace the overlap of restfulness and a kinetic, industrial energy with Cozy Cable.

Breeze Block

High Performance Nylon, 18 colors

Golden hour beckons with long shadows and sun-warmed silhouettes. Dress your home with the perfectly imperfect Breeze Block, which grants permission to blur lines of symmetry with its lovely subtlety and premeditated imbalance.


High Performance PET, 18 colors

This style demands attention. Batique features intricate and elaborate patterning akin to tapestry. Adorn your space with a fusion of texture, color and hand-loomed appeal.

Does one of these new styles stick out to you? Can you envision it in your home or office? These new styles from Anderson Tuftex will be available at Hopkins Carpet One this spring! Visit our showroom in Hopkins Center, call 952-933-8944 or contact us with questions or to find out when they are available.