How New Flooring Can Help You Sell Your Home

June 22nd, 2017

If you are selling a home in the Twin Cities area, then you probably want to get the most value out of your home. After all, in today’s market there is a lot of competition. And one of the best ways to stand apart from the crowd is with beautiful new carpeting and flooring from Hopkins Carpet One. When selling a home, one of the features that many buyers notice first and focus much of their attention on will be the flooring. In fact flooring and carpeting can make or break the sale of a home. And, when the house is vacant, the flooring becomes even more obvious as it is the first thing you see when you walk in. New carpeting and flooring means one less thing the new homeowner will have to fix when they move in.

new flooring and real estate

There are so many reasons to consider installing new carpeting or flooring in your home before it even goes up on the market. And, we have put together some main points to consider before you do.

Where to Begin

Installing all new flooring where necessary is ideal but it is important to focus on key areas of the home that will get you the biggest return on your investment.

A few of the most important areas of a home are the kitchen and the bathrooms. The kitchen is the heart of many households and a place where people spend a great deal of time. This is magnified even more by a buyer who is into cooking or does a lot of entertaining. A large percentage of buyers are also looking for turn-key properties and are not looking to invest thousands of dollars into replacing the kitchen and bathroom floors. Choose neutral luxury vinyl, hardwood or laminate for a kitchen that will attract your buyer.

Carpet vs. Hardwood

This is something that is completely up to you and depends on the overall style of your home. Obviously hard surface flooring belongs in the kitchen or bathroom. But, other areas of the home are up for grabs. And, you might have noticed we didn’t say hardwood. Hardwood flooring is a beautiful addition to any home but is not your only option in giving your home the style and elegance of hardwood. There are many styles of vinyl that resemble hardwood and can offer that elevated look of luxury while boasting lasting durability.

Carpeting and flooring that looks and feels great reassures the potential buyer that the home has been loved and cared for over the years. Plus, it helps to eliminate any potential issues with unexpected surprises that could result from old carpeting or flooring like odors, stains and more. A potential buyer wants to walk into a home and have the ability to see themselves and their loved ones living there.

Hopkins Carpet One is here to help the next time you are looking for new carpeting and flooring for a house you’re trying to sell. We have helped many Realtors like you get a house ready for sale. We do free in-home estimates too! Call Hopkins Carpet One at 952-933-8944, or you can feel free to Visit Our Showroom.