Not Your Mother’s Vinyl Floors

February 12th, 2014

Vinyl flooring has come a long way from the glossy, embossed sheet flooring that has been used in kitchens, baths, and entry ways for years.

While homeowners can still get vinyl sheet products for their projects, there are a number of new ways to get updated looks with the unmatched durability of vinyl flooring.

Mannington’s Adura is a leader in the Luxury Vinyl Tile and Luxury Vinyl Plank segments of the vinyl flooring industry. The Adura Luxury Vinyl Plank have the look of wood floors, and the products ships as individual planks that are installed one at a time like wood flooring planks would be installed. Luxury Vinyl Plank can be installed with a direct-glue method, or as a click-together floating installation.

Luxury Vinyl Tile has the look of ceramic tile, but with all the performance benefits of vinyl. First, the feel of Luxury Vinyl Tile is much warmer and softer than a traditional ceramic or porcelain tile. Second, the Luxury Vinyl TIle will hold up under considerably more abuse than ceramic tile in today’s high-traffic kitchens, especially for anyone who has seen a ceramic tile get cracked from having a heavy object drop on it. Adura Luxury Vinyl Tile is installed to look exactly like a ceramic tile installation, including using Adura’s non-staining acrylic-based grout between the tiles.

Homeowners looking to use a sheet vinyl can also benefit from advances in manufacturing methods. New vinyl sheet products have a fiberglass backing, which is a dramatic improvement over older felt-backed products. The new fiberglass-backed vinyl sheet goods have a little bit of cushion built in, so they are more comfortable to walk and stand on than the felt-backed vinyls. Additionally, the fiberglass-backed products will perform better over time than felt-backed vinyl products in areas prone to moisture.

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