Our Industry has Something of a Vacuuming Challenge

Published: September 16th, 2015

vacuuming carpet twin citiesVacuuming is the most important part of caring for your carpeting. For many years, it wasn’t much of a challenge. But with recent developments in more powerful vacuums, and also with softer and softer fibers in carpeting, proper vacuuming has become an important topic.

One challenge we have noticed in recent years is the difficulty in vacuuming the latest, softest fibers. Many times clients who are drawn to the softness of these fibers also buy them in very plush, long lengths. They like the experience of sinking into a deep, soft carpet.

These clients of ours then find that their existing vacuums are nearly impossible to use in these situations. The powerful vacuums with very little height adjustment simply bog down in the deep, soft fibers and become nearly impossible to move around.

The solution is generally a new vacuum, and much of the time we are able to advise our clients in advance that their preferred selection may require the purchase of a new vacuum. Sometimes, unfortunately, we don’t.

The important thing about vacuuming nylons and polyesters is that the beater bar should just tickle the tops of the fibers. We’re not trying to use it to scrub down to the primary backing. We also don’t recommend using the beater bar on wool carpeting.

For styles with a lower nap, it is business as usual. Not much has changed, except perhaps for the power of today’s vacuums. There is one particular brand that heavily markets that it is the most powerful vacuum made. It sure does seem to be, but unfortunately it is too powerful for carpeting and has, in some cases, been reported to damage the fibers. On hard surfaces such as hardwood or tile, these vacuums are great and can’t be beat, but for carpeting you will likely want to avoid them.

For higher nap plush styles with very soft fibers, homeowners need a vacuum with a wide range of heights. In a recent case with a client, they already owned an adjustable vacuum, but they were still having a difficult time moving the vacuum around the carpeting. We were able to come out with a vacuum with a greater range of height adjustments and vacuum the carpeting with relative ease – on the highest setting.

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