Pet-Friendly Masland Luxury Vinyl Offers Style & Durability

When you’re looking to redo your floors, you want something that you’ll love to look at for years to come. After all, new flooring can be a big undertaking and you don’t want to be updating them again any time soon. That is why it is so important to find flooring that has a lasting look as well as lasting durability. With Masland luxury vinyl you get just that. At Hopkins Carpet One we offer Masland luxury vinyl for the Twin Cities and we would love to tell you more about this incredible option in flooring. Masland luxury vinyl will offer warmth under foot, 100% waterproof and scratch proof performance and the visual appeal of ceramic tile or wood at a more affordable price. And, there are many other great benefits to choosing this amazing collection of flooring! Here are a few more:

masland luxury vinyl twin cities

Scratch Resistant & Pet Friendly

Masland luxury vinyl flooring is tested in a laboratory with a proprietary scratch simulator to make sure it will hold up to all the roughhousing your pets can dish out. And, Masland luxury vinyl provides pet-action traction to help your pet more confidently around the home. No more slipping and sliding around for Fido! It is even odor resistant! It resists absorption of odor-causing pet accidents and other odor-causing liquids.

Always On Trend

Because Masland luxury vinyl offers the look of stone or wood, it has a classic look that is always in style. And, the relative affordability of luxury vinyl has opened up new decorating possibilities while remaining extremely durable for long-lasting appeal. And with 20 new Masland luxury vinyl styles and colors, all designed with pet-friendly technology, you’re sure to find the right one to match your unique home.


Masland luxury vinyl is 100% waterproof and its waterproof durability makes it perfect for the kitchen bathroom, washroom and more.

Sound Dampening

Masland luxury vinyl flooring provides acoustic insulation with a 1mm cork layer.

Stain Resistance & Ease of Maintenance

This flooring resists stains from pet accidents and other stubborn household stains like coffee nail polish and grape juice. And, Masland luxury vinyl flooring cleans with a simple sweep or damp mop.

And, that’s not all! Call today and we can tell you even more about Masland luxury vinyl, the many products we have to offer and help you decide if it’s the right fit for you and your home. And remember, Masland luxury vinyl is not your mother’s vinyl flooring. It offers a luxurious, natural look rich in texture and durability to last a lifetime.

For more information about Masland luxury vinyl for you Twin Cities home call Hopkins Carpet One today at 952-933-8944. Or you can Visit Our Store in Hopkins.