Rigid Core Flooring Plymouth

Flooring options continue to grow and change with new technology. It’s exciting to see what manufacturers will come up with next to help flooring be more functional for our lives while still look great. One such improvement being made to luxury vinyl is rigid core flooring. For residents in Plymouth, rigid core flooring is another option to consider when updating your floors. We’ll give you some reasons why.

Rigid Core Flooring Plymouth MN1. Rigid core flooring is durable. It is made to last. Busy families know how much abuse their flooring receives, but with this new and improved version of luxury vinyl, they don’t need to worry about their floors taking a beating. They will keep their look and style for many long years.

2. It’s waterproof! You’ll no longer need to worry about spills staining your carpet or ruining your hardwood. With rigid core flooring, just mop it up and go on with life. The water-resistant vinyl composite material will not soak up liquid.

3. This flooring is easy to install and can go over most existing flooring. Just like laminate flooring, rigid core comes in planks that easily click together. It can go over ceramic tile and even surfaces that aren’t completely level, eliminating the need for a lot of prep work before installing.

4. It’s stable. This flooring locks together and stays put. It doesn’t swell and shrink like hardwood often does.

5. Rigid core flooring comes in a variety of styles and colors. You can have the look of stone or wood in various shades. It is also available in varying widths and lengths to fit the design and look you want.

Rigid Core Flooring from Hopkins Carpet One

Our job at Hopkins Carpet One is to stay up with all the new advances in flooring and provide you with the best advice possible to meet your specific flooring needs. We know everyone has different tastes, preferences and budgets. That’s why we provide a wide variety of flooring options!

If rigid core flooring sounds like a good option for your Plymouth home, we can help you get the look you want, and we can even install it for you.

Learn More about Rigid Core Flooring

If you would like to learn more about rigid core flooring near Plymouth and the options we have available, please give us a call at 952-933-8944. You can also stop in at our showroom in Hopkins! We will be happy to show you samples and answer any of your flooring questions.