Newly Installed Carpeting & Roll-Crush

Updating your carpeting is a major home improvement project. You probably spent time researching carpeting and even more time choosing the perfect color and texture. When you have your carpeting installed, you expect everything to be perfect.

If you just had new carpeting put in and you notice distinct bands, or an entire area where the carpet is a different color, that is what is known as roll-crush. It is a temporary and common occurrence.

While you may think this is a defect in your new carpeting, it is not. It may be troubling to see when you’ve invested time and money into a project, but over time the issue will self-correct. The bands or discoloration you perceive will only briefly be noticeable.

Roll-Crush DefinitionRoll Crushed Carpeting
Roll-crush is a temporary, fixable bending of the carpet pile. It causes some fibers to be flatter than the rest. Roll-crush makes the carpet appear to have coloration issues, while in reality it is not a defect.

A hallmark of roll-crush is bands in the carpet or what appear to be two different colors of carpeting altogether. There are varying extremes of roll-crush. You may notice just one distinct line with varying colors or a number of bands.

Common Causes of Roll-Crush
Carpeting is stored on a large, dense paper tube, similar to the way paper towels are stored on a cardboard tube. Roll-crush usually occurs when the carpeting is initially manufactured and added to the tube. The carpeting that is closest to the center gets weighed down and crushed. From there, the rolls are transported and stored, adding to the stress on the pile.

There are also a number of ways roll-crush can happen during the handling process. If the carpet is tied off, picked up by a forklift or bent at any time, roll-crush can occur or be exaggerated. None of these methods, if done properly, causes permanent damage to the carpeting.

How to Fix Roll-CrushRoll Crush New Carpeting
Have no fear! Roll-crush is self-correcting over time. With foot traffic and vacuuming, you won’t be able to tell roll-crush was ever an issue. It just needs a chance to straighten out. If you are able to increase the humidity in the room to 50% or more, that will help expedite the process.

There are more extreme and costly methods of correcting roll-crush if you are short on time. Some of these methods include steam cleaning and pile lifting.

If you have concerns about roll-crush, contact your local carpeting professionals at Hopkins Carpet One. We have a lot of experience with roll-crush and restorative techniques.

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