Stainmaster Pet Protect Plymouth

Stainmaster Pet Protect PlymouthStainmaster Pet Protect is a great way to get pet friendly carpeting for your home. Not only does it offer excellent stain resistance, it also offers protection against pet odors and pet dander. Hopkins Carpet One sells Stainmaster Pet Protect near Plymouth, and we are happy to help you find the perfect Stainmaster Pet Protect carpeting for any room in your home.

So how does Stainmaster Pet Protect work?

This type of carpeting is made out of nylon, which is an incredibly durable and long-lasting type of fiber. Nylon is an excellent choice for high traffic areas of your home like your foyer, living room and stairways, and it is known for being able to withstand a lot of foot traffic from both people and pets.

The nylon SuperiaSD™ fibers are a solution-dyed nylon and polymer blend. This type of nylon carpeting protects against pet stains, and it also protects against color fading.

Thanks to the SuperiaSD™ fibers, Stainmaster Pet Protect carpeting can be aggressively cleaned without losing its color. As a matter of fact, you can use a 50% bleach solution to clean it if need be. Make sure you vacuum it on a regular basis, and have it professionally cleaned every 18 months.

Simply put, Stainmaster Pet Protect is your best choice when you have a pet and still want to enjoy beautiful carpeting in your home. It is pet friendly, stain resistant and an excellent choice for those who have a dog.

Stainmaster Pet Protect from Hopkins Carpet One

If you want to browse through Stainmaster Pet Protect carpeting, visit our showroom. We can show you what we have in stock, and we are happy to advise you when it comes to which one will suit your home and family the best.

We can come to your home and measure your floors if you need us to, and we can also send our professional installation team to your house to pull up your old carpeting, dispose of it and then install your new Stainmaster Pet Protect carpeting. Let us know what you need and we are happy to help!

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