Stair Runner Crystal

Stair Runner CrystalWhen it comes to making a first impression, the entryway to your home is paramount. If your front door opens to a foyer or a hallway that ultimately reveals steps, having a stair runner in place will create an ambiance of class that may otherwise not exist within your home. A good stair runner will be able to handle steps of all sorts including those with single, angled, double or “T” landings. Maybe the right stair runner for your home is for curved, straight or pie stairways? Whatever type of staircase you are in possession of, we can find a stair runner that will fit it!

Hopkins Carpet One has so many stair runner options for your Crystal area home. If you indeed wish to add a stair runner to your home, call us up at Hopkins Carpet One. We will get you squared away with a rug that can be customized to your needs!

Our hall and stair runner choices range from weaves or manufactured pieces that come on a roll. You can choose any length from many pricing points and styles. We even have in stock specific stair runner cuts designed for varying types of stairways. Solid color or complex patterning and all types in between, allow Hopkins Carpet One to be home base for your stair runner!

If you have specific, non-traditional needs as per length offered, we can utilize existing carpet rolls (not originally made as a stair runner) to be cut to desired needs. Our customers are also free to order any piece of carpet from the showroom to have altered and shaped into a stair runner. Your stair runner will line your steps in short order and be reasonably priced.

Stair Runner and So Much More!

Our large variety of stair runners at Hopkins Carpet One manifests in all of the popular brands, colors and styles that you would expect from such a flooring magnate. If you intend to merely accent the foyer or hallway or want to boost the aesthetic complexity of your stairs, we have the right stair runner for you!

Adding carpet, even just in the form of a stair runner, will enhance the overall texture and the looks of your home. Maybe you have just grown tired of those same walkways that you have enjoyed for so many years. Whatever your reasoning, we will get you set up via carpeting galore of all styles and pricing structures at Hopkins Carpet One.

Hopkins Carpet One is a full-service flooring store that can also implement design consultations, has ample product knowledge as well as a wide range of sampling of product to view in preparation for installation at your home. We like to do home consultations so measurements can be guaranteed in their accuracy as well get an idea or provide insight into what will look great within it! Our measurements are free, no down payment is required. You will be under no obligation to us and face no hassles. We want customers to benefit from our more than 40 years of flooring experience.

Pick Out Your Stair Runner Today

Stop by Hopkins Carpet One today to look through your options in stair runners for your Crystal home. You may call us if you have any questions at 952-933-8944 or contact us to pursue a free in-home-measure!