Taking Care of Your Carpets

Now that summer is nearing the finish line and the kids are back in school, we can look our carpets and see what can be done to bring them back to their former glory. Regular carpet care is important to ensure that your carpeting lasts for a long time, and while normal wear and tear is an eventuality, there are steps we all can take to make sure your carpets live a long, full life.

Vacuuming: Make sure your vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter, and vacuum carpets and rugs at least once a week. When vacuuming in large areas, divide the space into quadrants and vacuum each quadrant before moving onto the next space. When vacuuming, take your time to make sure you do a good job, as dirt and other particles may be deeply embedded in the fibers. If you wish to fight odors, add baking soda to your vacuum cleaner bag.

Stains: Remove spills and stains ASAP. Blot, do not rub, the liquid off, as you’ll cause it to sink further in the carpet fibers.

Professional Cleaning: It’s best to have carpets and rugs professionally cleaned and protected at least twice a year, or more if you have pets and/or children. You can also apply soil retardants to new or newly-cleaned carpets, but only do so with professional equipment.