The Advantages of Just Shorn Wool Carpeting

The benefits of Just Shorn Wool Carpeting in Minneapolis are numerous – from comfort to durability to sustainability, there are so many reasons you should consider this type of carpeting when you’re looking to redo your floors. Here are a few of our favorites.


Just Shorn Wool Carpeting is made out of wool, as the name suggests. Wool is 100% biodegradable and releases beneficial nutrients as it biodegrades. It is also a renewable resource since it comes from sheep. And Just Shorn Wool Carpeting’s herd of sheep is well cared for, and the farm holds itself to very high standards when it comes to environmental care and their animals’ welfare. Wool has the smallest carbon footprint of any type of floor covering.

just shorn wool carpeting at hopkins carpet one


The chemical structure of wool gives it its strength. But it is also flexible as well, which means it easily stretches and compresses and reverts back to its original shape. Thanks to these properties, Just Shorn Wool Carpeting is a great choice for elegant carpeting that will also last many years with proper care and maintenance.


If anyone in your family has allergies, Just Shorn Wool Carpeting is a great choice! Wool helps remove allergens and other pollutants from the air, and it does not release any harmful or toxic gases into the air. And because of the way wool is structured, it can catch dust in its fibers. However, the dust is not easily re-released back into the air. So if you vacuum on a regular basis, you can get rid of that dust before it becomes airborne again and aggravates someone’s allergies or asthma.

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While Just Shorn Wool Carpeting is not a replacement for your home’s insulation, it helps keep cold concrete subfloors nice and warm, and it will keep your feet nice and warm as you’re walking on it. And in the summer time, the fiber can use up energy and release absorbed moisture, which will make it feel cooler to your feet.


Just Shorn Wool Carpeting has a small amount of lanolin in it, which is a natural water repellent produced by the sheep. This helps to repel water and stains and it keeps liquids and accidental spills from soaking into the carpeting and leaving a stain.

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