Tigressa Twin Cities

Tigressa Twin CitiesAre you looking for a carpet that is both soft and durable? Maybe you still want the luxury of comfortable carpeting under your feet but you still want something that is easy to clean, care for and maintain. If so, you will definitely want to check out our stock of Tigressa. Twin Cities homeowners love it for its plushness and longevity, and it makes a great choice for families and homes of all shapes and sizes.

With Tigressa carpeting, you no longer need to worry about choosing between soft carpeting that can be difficult to vacuum and care for or durable carpeting that isn’t as pleasant on your feet. You get the best of both worlds thanks to the way this manufacturer makes their carpeting.

Using high-tensile denier filaments, Tigressa makes carpeting that can withstand high-traffic areas in your home without losing its plushness. You can put this carpeting in hallways, stairwells, living rooms, bedrooms and foyers without needing to worry about how it will stand up to everyone walking on it all the time. There are more filaments per square inch, which translates to carpeting that can stand up to just about any kind of wear and tear and everyday use.

Even better, Tigressa is eco-friendly. So if you are worried about the impact your new carpeting might have on the environment, this brand is an excellent choice.

It also comes in a variety of colors, so you can always find the exact style you are looking for to complement your home and your own unique style and taste.

Come down to our showroom so we can show you all of the Tigressa carpeting we have in stock. We’re happy to answer your questions and, if you need, help you choose the best one to suit your family and home.

Tigressa Carpeting at Hopkins Carpet One

When you visit us at Hopkins Carpet One to browse through our selection of Tigressa, you will be impressed by our knowledge. We will never use heavy-handed sales tactics to get you to buy carpeting you don’t need.

Instead, we will listen to your wants and we will take those into consideration when making our recommendations to you. Tell us about your house’s d├ęcor and your own personal tastes and, from there, we can help you find the best Tigressa carpeting to suit you and your family.

From there, we can set up a time to come out and install it for you. Or we can advise you on how to do it yourself. Either way, you will walk out of our showroom with the perfect Tigressa carpeting!

Tigressa Carpeting and More

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