Top Places in Your Home to Install Laminate Flooring

Published: September 11th, 2013

Laminate flooring is a great flooring alternative that can be used throughout your entire home. It can flawlessly match any home decor. If you live anywhere around the Twin Cities, laminates provides a stylish flooring option. Due to their durability and resistance to stains, laminate floors can withstand additional foot traffic in more popular rooms of the home.

Popular Rooms to Install Laminates
Laminate flooring is a great option all throughout your home, but here are some of the most popular rooms:

  • Kitchen: Laminate flooring in the kitchen is beneficial for a number of reasons. First, the kitchen sees a lot of foot traffic. It is probably one of the most popular rooms in your home. That combined with the nature of accidents happening means that durable flooring like laminate is the perfect option to cover the kitchen floor.
  • Dining Room: Dining rooms are prone to all types of little accidents. It is possible for food and drink to spill at meal times, especially during the holidays, or when you’re hosting a large group. By choosing laminate for your dining room, you may be able to spare yourself some headaches. It’s much easier to wipe up milk or wine than try and clean it out of carpeting.
  • Living Room: The living room is a place where people can gather to enjoy each other’s company. It’s also a place that sees toys, snacks, sneakers and many other items that may carry dirt. Laminate flooring in your living room is especially practical if you have children. Things that may cause permanent damage to a hardwood or carpeted floor, has little impact on laminate floors.
  • Mud Room: Do you have a mud room, foyer or other type of landing area in your home? Whichever room is closest to the outdoors should be floored with laminate. Due to the frequent use of these types of room, dirt, grime and debris can build up from opening and closing the doors. Not to mention muddy shoes, practice bags and more.

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