Trend Alert! Patterns & Layouts in Vinyl Flooring

August 14th, 2017

When you’re ready to update your interior design with luxurious new flooring, be sure you make an informed, stylish and timeless decision. There is a huge trend on the scene right now and its incredible versatility can make its way into almost any style home, from classic to modern.  Today’s latest trend in flooring is all about patterns. Use vinyl composition tile (VCT) to create patterns that evoke classic interior design with a modern twist. This is a fun, inexpensive and easy way to create a unique or classic backdrop for your residential space. And, the pattern possibilities are endless! Create patterns such as chevron, checkerboard or diamond for the bathroom, laundry room or kitchen for an impressive charm that’s as durable as it is stylish. Here at Hopkins Carpet One, we’ve seen this trend come to life in many local area homes and so we’ve put together a rundown of this major trend as well as some of its amazing benefits.

vinyl composite tile


People are getting ultra creative when it comes to the layout of their floor. While you’ll still see plenty of traditionally laid floors, many newer, updated and trendier homes will showcase patterned floors, often with custom patterns. And, no matter what color or brand of flooring matches your unique home, a pattern can still be created to fit right in with your décor.


As patterned layouts became more popular, so has the idea of creating something custom. Just the word “custom” already makes your home sound expensive. When you see a well thought-out custom flooring layout, it is clear that someone has put thought into conceptualizing the design.

forbo flooring

And, if you don’t have the eye for design, an expert at Hopkins Carpet One can help you choose and crate a VCT pattern that will not only look great, but actually enhance the overall look of the room.

With patterned VCT you also get durability in tandem with style; it’s the best of both worlds! VCT can stand up to a high amount of foot traffic and heavy use while still evoking style and charm.

There sure is a lot going on when it comes to layout and patterns right now. From, chevron to plank to checkerboard; you are sure to find the right pattern for you! Check out our Pinterest page for some flooring inspiration!

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