Tuftex Stainmaster Pet Protect Minneapolis

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Tuftex Stainmaster Pet Protect MinneapolisIf you have pets in your house, you need carpeting that can withstand pet odors, stains and hair. A carpet that offers those qualities and more is Tuftex Stainmaster Pet Protect. Minneapolis homeowners have come to love the beauty of this carpeting along with its ability to withstand damage from indoor dogs and cats. Tuftex is a carpeting known for its innovative color, design and quality. Tuftex brings texture, color, warmth and fashion to people’s homes and lives. With Tuftex Stainmaster Pet Protect, homeowners get all the benefits of stylish carpeting that’s also pet friendly. Here are some qualities that make this carpeting great for homes with pets:
  • It has built-in stain resistance, which means you will not have to worry about pet accidents staining and ruining your carpeting.
  • When used with the right kind of breathable moisture barrier carpet cushion, it resists odors from pet accidents.
  • It resists adhering to pet hair, allowing hair to be easily removed with normal vacuuming.
Come by our showroom and we’ll tell you even more about Tuftex Stainmaster Pet Protect and all of its benefits. You can see the carpeting firsthand and visit with our flooring experts. We can help you choose the best carpeting for your needs and have our professional installation team install it for you.

Tuftex Stainmaster Pet Protect for Your Home

Tuftex Stainmaster Pet Protect comes in a variety of colors, patterns and styles, so you are sure to find the perfect match for your home. The styles of Tuftex Stainmaster Pet Protect we carry at Hopkins Carpet One, include the following:
  • Ground Breaker
  • Magnificent Mile
  • Insigna
  • Closer Walk
  • Hellenic
  • Gaslight District
  • Sawyer’s Valley
With Tuftex Stainmaster Pet Protect you get beautiful carpeting that will last, even with pets living on it. It’s perfect for any homeowner who doesn’t want to sacrifice style for function. We would love to tell you more about this amazing carpeting. We can answer your questions and show you the styles we have available. Once you pick the style you like best, we can send our professional installation team to your home to get it installed. For your convenience, we are open six days a week: Mondays through Saturdays. Come by today to get the Tuftex Stainmaster Pet Protect carpeting for your home! You and your pets will be much happier!

Tuftex Stainmaster Pet Protect Carpeting from Hopkins Carpet One

If you would like to browse our selection of Tuftex Stainmaster Pet Protect carpeting near Minneapolis, Visit Our Showroom in Hopkins or call Hopkins Carpet One at 952-933- 8944.