When is it Time to Replace Your Hardwood Floors?

Published: June 25th, 2013

There comes that time in every homeowner’s life where tough questions must be asked. Questions like, “Is it time for a remodeling project?” or “What am I going to do about my floors?” need to be answered. If you have hardwood floors, you may be at a crossroads between restoring or replacing them. If you live near Hopkins, Minnetonka or Edina, floor replacement specialists at Hopkins Carpet one are here to help with all your flooring needs. Hardwood floors add a touch of elegance to any room, and it is important for them to remain looking their best.

Hardwood Floor Restoration
When your hardwood floors are installed, you’ll be able to see your reflection in them! They are finished with a glossy coat, but after some time in the home, that shine can fade. If you notice a lack of shine on your hardwood floors, it may not be quite time for a full floor replacement just yet. It is possible to restore your hardwood floors and that may be a practical option for your home. Hardwood flooring restoration requires a process of sanding and refinishing. This method will help extend the life of your floors.

Hardwood Floor Replacement
If your hardwood floors have been refinished many times or your flooring is very old, it is possible it is time to have your floors replaced. Floor replacement is a big undertaking, especially if you’re having a large amount of flooring replaced. It is one of the biggest remodeling projects you can undertake. Hopkins Carpet One is ready for the challenge! We have a large selection of hardwood flooring to choose from or other flooring options to consider.

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