Where Style Meets Strength: Lees Studio Carpeting

One of our favorite brands of carpeting, made exclusively for Carpet One, is Lees Studio 1846. This brand isn’t just known for its stylish carpeting options. It’s also known to be incredibly durable, plus it has one of the best warranties on the market. We sell Lees Carpeting in Eden Prairie, and here are a few more reasons this brand is such a great choice.


We cannot say enough good things about Lees Carpeting’s 25-year warranty. It is an exclusive “No Exclusions” Ultra 25 Stain Warranty® and it covers what other warranties won’t: grease, mustard, pet stains, coffee and bleach! (Just to name a few!)

Stain Resistance

No matter what size family you have, Lees Carpeting is easy to clean up when there is a spill. Thanks to its Ultra25®4X Protection, the carpet can repel almost all liquids. This includes the worst culprits like coffee, juice and other similar liquids. Not only that, it provides this stain resistance four times longer than other carpets that have more traditional stain protection.


Lees Carpeting is also known for its strength and durability. It has a patented ExtraLoc® backing that has double the density of standard carpeting. What does this mean for you? Unheard-of stability and dimensional strength. So when you need carpeting that can stand the test of time and high foot traffic, Lees Carpeting has you covered.


No matter what your home’s décor is, Lees Carpeting has a style that will complement it. From Catwalk (a dark gray-black shade) to Fourth Movement (a light beige shade), you are sure to find a style that will match your unique personal taste. The carpets are all made out of nylon too, which only serves to enhance its durability.

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