Wool Carpet

Hopkins Carpet One – Twin Cities, MN

Wool carpet is an excellent choice to provide warmth, comfort and style to any floor in your home or office. Made from natural wool fiber rather than synthetic fibers, wool carpet provides extra benefits that other fibers cannot replicate.

Wool Carpet Twin CitiesHere are some advantages of wool carpet:

  • Manages humidity – Wool’s chemical structure gives it the ability to actively absorb and desorb moisture and to gain and release heat depending on the external and internal environment, thus buffering a room against environmental changes.
  • Balances noise – The fibrous nature of wool carpet allows it to reduce airborne sound, surface noise and sound transmission.
  • Purifies air – Wool carpet is an efficient absorber of potentially harmful indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide.
  • Provides protection from fire – Wool is naturally flame resistant.
  • Naturally good – Wool is a natural material that when incorporated in home or office design can help decrease stress, enhance creativity, accelerate recovery and increase productivity.

Hopkins Carpet One provides several brands and styles of wool carpet. One of our most popular is Masland Strong Wool. Be sure to visit our showroom to learn about the many options available and to get help choosing the best wool carpet for your home or business.

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