Woven Carpeting: Challenges and Benefits

Published: July 15th, 2014 | Updated: September 20th, 2019

When homeowners are looking for a way to add an accent flooring piece,Purple Woven Carpeting carpet is often selected. It is versatile and colorful and can be cut to fit almost any space. This photo represents an accent flooring piece recently completed in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Carpeting is constructed in two major styles, woven and tufted. The carpeting pictured was constructed in the WOVEN style, specifically a Wilton Face to Face woven. Most carpet that gets installed is a TUFTED construction. Wovens are exceptionally high quality, and they require a great deal of experience to install correctly.

Challenges of Woven Carpeting
The seams of woven carpeting have to be put together essentially stitch by stitch. While a tufted cut pile carpet can be seamed both along the sides and across the ends, wovens can really only be seamed along the sides. As a result, to accomplish a proper installation, more carpet is required. This is because being restricted to only side seams reduces the installers’ ability to use every scrap of carpeting available to them.

Additionally, even though our installers are “stretching in” the carpet, there is effectively no stretch in the width of the carpet. We can get a good amount of stretch from the length, but if the layout is even half an inch short in the width, there will not be enough carpet to complete the installation. This is just one of the reasons we say that a quality installation starts at the time of sale. If the sales floor staff doesn’t understand the product to properly sell a sufficient amount of material, the installation crew won’t have what they need to complete the project.

Purple Woven CarpetingThe Benefit of Woven Carpeting
In this case, some of the advantages to a woven construction is that it makes a precise pattern. It’s also a much stronger construction than a tufted carpet, so we could expect that with proper care and maintenance, it will serve a homeowner very well for many years. It’s the oldest method of producing patterned carpets, and the technology goes back nearly 200 years to the age of power looms and the industrial revolution in England.

No matter what the client’s taste or preference, we have the talent to get it installed. Hopkins Carpet One has a team of skilled installers, ready to take on their next project.

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